Eulalia (Lali) Green

Retail Host – 2006 to present

"My first season began in March 2006. I worked in the Retail team and, before the park even opened, I was helping to set up the shops. My daughter had worked at Chessington World of Adventures Resort the year before, and she had such a good time that she persuaded me to apply. I wasn't sure if it was for me – I'd previously worked in a playgroup for 13 years and I thought I might be too old. But I decided to fill out the application form anyway and give it a try."
"I'd never worked for such a big company before, but because of my daughter's experiences I thought they'd be fun to work for. I'm glad to say that's just how it's been."

How my day stacks up

"When we come in the morning, before the Resort opens, our first job is to refill the displays and tidy the stock room. When customers come in, we take it in turns to work on the tills and on the shop floor, serving and chatting to customers and making sure they're happy."

"At the end of the day we cash up, tidy away, and generally prepare for tomorrow. Sometimes it can only take 10 minutes, but other times it takes longer, depending on how busy we've been."
"Doing this job, I've discovered that I really enjoy retail, and I love it when there are loads of guests. You really need to have the right attitude to working hard and being busy. Always having something to do makes the day go quicker. I love it all – serving and chatting to children and families. It can get pretty intense when it's crowded, but we all work as part of a team and help each other out."


"Its tough work and you need to be adaptable to different situations. But the best thing is that I'm always meeting new and different people of all ages. I'm there for the customers – I want to make them happy, and I enjoy interacting with them all. We work hard, but have fun as well. You can have a great time socialising and going to the parties.”

"My proudest moment has to be The Commercial Awards for the year. I won "Legend of the Year" for the department! All my colleagues and all the people I work with voted for me. That was really nice – but also such a shock!"

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