Linda Berggren

Animal Trainer – 2008 to 2010
Head of Animal Training – 2010 to present

“Animal training is obviously a very specific profession, and within this field Chessington World of Adventures Resort has a great reputation. I was familiar with some of the work the animal training department had undertaken from professional publications and conferences. Since joining, I’ve had tons of training in areas as diverse as management, recruitment and presenting, animal training and husbandry and management.”

Part of the team

“The culture at Chessington World of Adventures Resort is very friendly and relaxed, but still professional. For being such a large Resort I wasn’t expecting staff to have a say in a lot of the decision making. But everyone’s thoughts, opinions, suggestions, feedback and ideas are considered constantly. Everyone really seems to care about the role they play within the larger picture. I think people who work here love what they do and that creates a very positive and happy vibe!”

One fine day

“My best ever day at Chessington World of Adventures Resort was when we celebrated both our 80th birthday and launched the Chessington Conservation Fund. We opened the Zoo late one evening with all proceedings going to the CCF. We had lots of special events on, did evening animal presentations and auctioned off some truly unique animal experiences. It was a great day and evening all around because our visitors enjoyed it so much and the staff spent lots of time teaching them about our animals, conservation projects and the work we do in general.”