Anna Kelly

Aston University – Business and Management
HR Training Administrator placement – 2011 to 2012

“I didn’t know that much about Chessington World of Adventures Resort before my placement. I knew there was a theme park and zoo, but didn’t realise it actually has numerous unique selling points and is marketed as a Resort. I also presumed that it was aimed at a young teens, and didn’t realise it was fun for the whole family – even the grandparents!

“Everyone at Chessington Resort is so friendly and it’s really nice to work in a company where there isn’t a person that you are scared to talk to because they are more senior than you. I also didn’t realise that I would have so much responsibility, or be trusted as much as I have been. It’s fantastic to feel like a valued member of staff. I’ve already had a lot of training and I have more lined up. Plus, I’m the Health & Safety representative for the HR department which means I have to attend H&S meetings, take notes and feed back to the team.

“I’d definitely consider a future career with Chessington World of Adventures Resort. I have already looked into Merlin’s xlr8 graduate scheme after university, to help boost my professional career. My advice to future undergraduates thinking of doing a placement with Chessington Resort would be to show that you are a fun and likeable person. If you have ideas really voice them because they are appreciated and listened to. Make yourself stand out from the others, try not to go for the norm and instead think outside the box. The role is very people facing especially when it comes to holding inductions, so let your personality shine and stay confident.”