Katy Chadder

University of Surrey, Psychology
HR Recruitment Administrator placement – 2011 to 2012

“I have always been a very people-orientated person with an interest in the behaviour of others, which is why I am currently studying Psychology and why I applied for a role within Human Resources. I was attracted to Chessington World of Adventures Resort because it’s such an exciting and fun filled place. The variation and diversity of roles is something truly unique. I have a keen interest in recruitment and what better way is there to explore it than with the recruitment of fun, lively and friendly individuals that is crucial to maintain ‘Britain’s Wildest Adventure’!?

“Right now, I’m preparing for recruitment for the next season and changing the Assessment Centre that we currently have in place. It’s a great chance to put my own stamp on the Assessment Centres that I will soon be running. There are so many opportunities to train and develop at Chessington Resort. It’s unbelievable the amount that I have learnt in the short time of being here. A great help is the fact your in such a tight and friendly team who are always there to support you.

“What I enjoy most about working here at Chessington World of Adventures Resort is the variety of my role. As Recruitment Administrator, you are always working with other departments and liaising with various members of staff which is fantastic for me, being a people person. One day you may be doing the essential administrative work, the next day facilitating an exciting Assessment Centre. I would definitely consider a career with Merlin. It’s a fantastic company to work for with many opportunities to progress. There is no other working environment that’s as exciting as Chessington World of Adventures Resort, and I’m proud to work for a company with such fantastic values.”